Zero Waste Revolution starts here!

The Zero Waste Academy is a unique first-ever African gathering that brought together passionate individuals from various corners of the world united by a common goal: “A zero-waste future”. The Zero Waste Academy provided existing and future Zero Waste Implementers with the needed concepts and tools to start or improve existing Zero Waste implementation in their respective cities and communities.


Developed by Nipe Fagio with the support of Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA), BFFP, and UMI Fund this groundbreaking learning program attracted over 90 applications from 42 countries. Out of these, 59 dedicated Zero Waste Implementers hailing from 20 countries were selected to participate in the transformative experience.


Initially, the learning program was conducted online in August and September 2023 followed by an in-person module in October 2023. The Zero Waste Academy laid a robust theoretical foundation, providing participants with the essential concepts and tools to initiate or enhance Zero Waste practices in their respective cities and communities. Following the online module, October 2023 witnessed the commencement of an in-person module hosted by Nipe Fagio in Tanzania – the first-ever Zero Waste Academy in Africa for Zero Waste implementers that brought together 26 future and existing zero Waste implementers.


The Zero Waste Academy distinguished itself by offering a well-rounded curriculum, comprising theoretical classes, practical exercises, and insightful community visits. One such impactful visit took participants to the Bonyokwa community, where they interacted with Waste Collectors and households already practising Zero Waste. This hands-on experience not only deepened their understanding of the realities on the ground but also ignited a renewed sense of determination to make a positive difference in their respective countries and communities.


A pivotal aspect of the academy was the Waste Assessment and Brand Audits (WABA) conducted over 8 consecutive days in the Kipunguni B area. Participants delved into the nitty-gritty of waste generation, sorting through piles to identify recyclables, organics, and non-recyclables. The experience was eye-opening, revealing opportunities for a Zero Waste Future that prioritizes composting, reuse, and recycling.


Nipe Fagio organized a zero-waste workshop where facilitators led thought-provoking discussions on topics ranging from Community Mobilization to organizing structures. Participants, equipped with a keen focus on data collection and policy advocacy, were encouraged to steer clear of false solutions as they crafted their existing and future Zero Waste models for their communities. Case Studies Presentations became a platform to showcase the remarkable progress made during this transformative program.


The academy in Tanzania did not merely scratch the surface; participants dived deep into the operations of Material Recovery Facilities (MRF), composting, and non-organic waste management, particularly plastics collection and recycling. This comprehensive approach ensured that Zero Waste Implementers were well-versed in the intricacies of waste management, setting them on a path to effect real change in their communities. But it wasn’t all about hard work! The participants embraced the beauty of Mother Nature on Mbudya Island! On this island tour, they unwound with some thrilling water sports, and eco tours and took a refreshing dip in the ocean. The perfect balance of learning and leisure!


As Zero Waste Implementers return to their respective corners of the world armed with newfound knowledge and inspiration, the ripple effects of this transformative program are sure to create lasting positive change for the planet. The journey toward a Zero Waste Future has truly begun, and the echoes of the academy will undoubtedly resonate across communities, transcending borders and cultures.