Karibu Nipe Fagio

Nipe Fagio (“give me the broom” in Swahili) is an NGO founded in 2013.

Who are we?

Nipe Fagio exists to drive systemic change in Tanzania and East Africa. Systemic problems require systemic solutions that are socially inclusive, address historical social injustice, and are environmentally built and climate-resilient. We work in a three-pillar strategy, aligning DATA gathering, POLICY advocacy, and ACTION to achieve systemic change.

Nipe Fagio proposes alternatives to traditional waste management systems that promote climate mitigation while replacing the dominant narratives in waste management with innovative propositions of value.

To turn Tanzania into a replicable example in the pursuit of sustainable development in East Africa; encouraging the East African community to grow and develop to be a thriving clean economy supported by a conscious and engaged population.

To raise awareness and engage civil society, the private, and the public sector in pursuing a sustainable lifestyle, identifying opportunities to improve waste management and reduce urban pollution through education and actions that create economic value. 

Our VISION is a clean, healthy, and safe Tanzania. 


Our Pillars

We work in a three-pillar strategy, aligning data gathering, policy advocacy, and action to achieve systemic change.


As the pioneering organization in Tanzania working on a cross-sector approach to sustainable development in the sector of waste management and pollution education, Nipe Fagio integrates communities, the private sector and the government by identifying needs and opportunities related to sustainable waste management that promote systemic change. 

Having established a well-known and respected brand and reputation with a significant outreach, Nipe Fagio uses its privileged position to leverage our reputation with local and international organizations, resulting in public endorsements from the government; and recognition from important development partners.

Our Contribution to SDGs 2030

Our unwavering commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals is evident in our multifaceted efforts, from raising awareness about environmental pollution and waste management to empowering marginalized communities with sustainable solutions, thus making a significant impact on achieving a more sustainable and equitable future for all. We actively contribute to combatting climate change, mobilizing communities to take climate action, advocacy, data-driven initiatives, and community engagement that promote environmental sustainability and resilience. 

Nipe Fagio Team

Ana Rocha

Executive Director

Colletha Basso

Finance & Administration Coordinator

Olarip Tomito

IT & Communication Coordinator

Tajaeli Masaki

Data Coordinator

Marie Kwirine

Policy Coordinator

Wilyhard Shishikaye

Zero Waste Project Coordinator

Marco Dotto

Zero Waste Community Mobilization Officer

Aminiel Orio

Zero Waste Community Mobilization Officer

Paulo Sarakikya

Zero Waste Community Mobilization Officer

Amiri Bakari

Waste Pickers Community Mobilization Officer

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