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Launch of Tanzania Zero Waste Documentary

Launch of Tanzania Zero Waste Documentary

Towards the International Day of Zero Waste, we stand proud as we celebrate 10 years of driving systematic change in waste management across Tanzania! The Zero Waste model implemented in Tanzania is a…

SEEP Digital platform: 50 different schools in Dar es Salaam to benefit from this program

SEEP Digital platform: 50 different schools in Dar es Salaam to benefit from this program

The Sustainable Environmental Education Program (SEEP) is an educational platform with vibrant dynamic educational materials formed as a Toolkit to give knowledge to school teachers and students. By promoting responsible…

Zanzibar on the path to become the first Zero Waste archipelago in the world

Zanzibar on the path to become the first Zero Waste archipelago in the world

Zanzibar City Council and Nipe Fagio launched Zero Waste implementation in Unguja on March 4th, 2024 at Chumbuni. It aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and plastic pollution by addressing…


Zero Waste to Zero Emissions

As the climate crisis deepens, urgent action on all fronts is required to both eliminate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and adapt to a rapidly changing climate. The waste sector offers a prime opportunity for cities to take action that will dramatically reduce emissions, strengthen resilience, and provide substantial public health and economic benefits. The waste sector is the third largest source of anthropogenic methane emissions, whose reduction will deliver rapid benefits through avoided warming. In fact, good waste management practices can reduce emissions in other sectors, delivering more than 100% emissions reductions. Simultaneously, this approach, known as zero waste, can reduce flooding, deter disease transmission, improve soil health, and deliver economic opportunities. This report explains how zero waste is an essential part of any climate plan.


Being an environmentalist is also a decision. A decision that makes a huge contribution to the well-being of the world— helping secure a healthy environment and rich biodiversity. The way in which environmentally-minded people work outside of their comfort zone—trying to find ways to create a positive impact despite the challenges faced—is also a decision. The year 2022 will go down in the history books as the one with the greatest challenges for so many nations— as well as for the environment, and ultimately for the entire world. Our collective decisions, and united actions in the spirit of togetherness, give strength and support in times of great challenge: through wars, climate crises, and economic recessions.

The Brand Audit Report 2018-2022

The mission with our brand annual audit is to identify the world’s top polluting corporations. By gathering data on plastic waste collected at community cleanups around the world, brand audits allow us to challenge the plastic industry and demand real solutions. Our reports have revealed that the true driving forces of the plastic pollution crisis are the corporations producing all this plastic in the first place. This year, we analyze five years of global brand audit data findings. We also examine what the top plastic polluters have done - and failed to do - to address plastic pollution. Finally, we outline what we anticipate the next five years will bring.

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