Youth Ambassador (YA)

 Youth Ambassador (YA) Program

Since the beginning, Nipe Fagio developed the Youth Empowerment Programme, training Youth Ambassadors (YAs) to be agents of change. YAs carry the essential role of spreading environmental and health awareness, teaching best waste practices and inspiring Community Action Groups (CAGs) to take leadership within their communities promoting scalable knowledge and behaviour change. 

Our program is designed to provide opportunities for young people to develop their leadership skills, gain practical experience, and make a positive impact on their communities. Through this program, Youth learn how to advocate for the environment, work collaboratively with others, and develop innovative solutions to environmental challenges.

Youth Ambassador (YA) Roles

Youth Ambassadors have many roles with Nipe Fagio, including:

  • Be an advocate for responsible waste management
  • Spread reliable data and raise awareness
  • Conduct community surveys
  • Lead waste and brand audits
  • Participate in campaigns and action
  • Engage with local leaders and stakeholders
  • Utilize social media for environmental advocacy
  • Participate in training sessions and workshops for leadership development

Program Benefits 

Nipe Fagio’s Youth Ambassador Program provides:

  1. Capacity Building: Training on leadership, communication, and environmental conservation. 
  2. Networking: Meet and network with other young people who are passionate about environmental conservation.
  3. Community engagement: Work with communities to promote environmental conservation and sustainable waste management practices.
  4. Recognition: Fulfill a significant social role in our communities.
  5. Career opportunities: Gain valuable skills and experience that can enhance your career prospects.

We believe that young people have the power to make a real difference in the world, and we are committed to creating opportunities for it to happen! 

Who can apply?

Our program is open to young people interested in environmental issues and committed to action. We welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

Reach out to us at for more information!

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