10-Year Anniversary

Impactful data

We produce reliable and verifiable data to support data-driven decision making. We develop data collection systems that are tailored to national and regional reality. Nipe Fagio's database on waste holds over 10 years of data entries.

Effective policy

We engage in national, regional and global policy advocacy to support positive systemic change in the waste sector and build the framework for a socially-just and climate-resilient world.

Transformative Action

We implement transformative projects to enable positive systemic change in the waste management sector. Systemic problems require systemic solutions that are replicable and impactful.

10-Year Anniversary of Nipe Fagio

Since 2013, Nipe Fagio has been at the forefront of building innovative waste management solutions that are socially inclusive, address historical social injustices, and prioritize environmental sustainability. We have harnessed the power of impactful data, effective policy advocacy, and transformative action to create a lasting impact on our communities and the environment.

Our journey began over a decade ago with a simple yet powerful vision: to revolutionize waste management practices in Tanzania and beyond. We recognized the urgent need to address the pressing challenges posed by inadequate waste management systems, which adversely affect public health, pollute the environment, and perpetuate social inequalities. With a strong belief in the potential for positive change, we embarked on a mission to transform the waste management landscape and create a sustainable future.

Over the years, we have pioneered socially inclusive waste management practices that have had a profound impact on marginalized communities. We firmly believe that environmental solutions must go hand in hand with addressing social inequalities. By actively involving local communities, supporting waste pickers, and promoting inclusivity, we have not only improved waste management systems but also created economic opportunities for those in need. Our commitment to social justice remains unwavering, as we continue to bridge the gap between waste management and social power.

Impactful Data

We are proud to produce impactful data to inform evidence-based policies. Through reliable research, data analysis, and monitoring, we have gained and widely shared valuable insights into the waste management sector. This data-driven approach has enabled us to identify key challenges, devise targeted solutions, and advocate for policy reforms at local, national, regional, and global levels. Nipe Fagio’s database has informed decision-making for a myriad of partners in Africa and beyond.

Effective Policy Advocacy

In over a decade of relentless dedication to policy advocacy, we proudly celebrate our accomplishments in revolutionizing waste management practices and successfully integrating them into the broader development agenda. 

Through policy advocacy, we advocate for responsible waste management practices. We recognized early on that addressing the challenges of waste mismanagement was not only essential for environmental preservation but also crucial for overall socio-economic development.

Transformative action

Transformative action lies at the heart of Nipe Fagio’s work. We firmly believe that change happens when ideas are put into action. Through various initiatives and projects, we have implemented practical waste management solutions with a tangible impact on communities, the environment, and public health. 

With the implementation of the Zero Waste model since 2019, we have engaged communities, local companies and the government in designing an innovative and decentralized waste management system that solves waste mismanagement and reorganizes and produces outstanding results.  

Nipe Fagio's Path!

Since 2013, Nipe Fagio has diligently pursued its mission using a three-pillar strategy: data gathering, policy advocacy, and decisive action, all working in unison to drive meaningful systemic change. Our timeline reflects our evolution over the years.

  • 2013

    Feb 2013: Nipe Fagio Launching Event Ocean Road Beach - Clean Up and Awareness Bonanza 

    May 2013: Nipe Fagio officially Registered 

    June 2013: Hosted World Environment Day- Flash mobs in 4 locations

    June 2013: World Environment Day (WED) Clean up event at Coco Beach

    June 2013: School outreach program with IST School Club at Masaki DSM

    Sept 2013: School outreach social project with HOPAC School that involved a Cleanup and presentation

  • 2014

    2014: Cleanup Event with International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) at -Kawe Beach 

    2014: Launching of Mlalakuwa River Restoration (MRR) Project  

    2014: First Corporate Best Waste Practice (BWP) event presentation to MRV companies 

    2014: One-week Radio Campaign with Clouds and Choice FM for Mlalakuwa River Restoration (MRR) and Best Waste Practice (BWP)

  • 2015

    2015: Launching of Community Change Agent (CAA) program  and Hapa ni Usafi Tu Campaign

  • 2016

    2016: Shujaa wa Fagio

    2016: Pass the Broom

    2016: Launching of Clean Mtaa Competition (CMC) in Mlalakuwa

    2016: Goat Race

    2016: World Ocean Day 2016

  • 2017

    2017: Launching of Plastic Bag Campaign with FEMINA

    2017: International Volunteer Day (IVD) for World Environment Day in Coco Beach

  • 2018

    2018: Launching of Taka Bucket Challenges 

    2018: Plastic Bottle Pavilion and Plogging for the Lets Do it Tanzania! cleanup campaign

    2018: Launching of Let's Do It Campaign for World Cleanup Day (WCD)

  • 2019

    2019: Zero Waste Model Survey and Pilot in Dar es Salaam

    2019: People Win River Win project for trash mapping in Ilala

    2019: WIOMS - Marine Litter Monitoring in Tanzania

    2019: Establishment and Registration of the Tanzania Recyclers Association (TARA)

  • 2020

    May 1 2020: Implementation of Recycling Made Easy (RME) in Kisukuru ward

    July 9, 2020: River Monitoring in Msimbazi River and Mbezi River for the WIOMSA project

    2020: Launching of Plastiki Yako Mazingira Yetu (PYMY) Campaign

    2020: Humanizing Waste Pickers

  • 2021

    2021: ICLEI, Urban Planning and Development Plan

    2021: ICLEI - Dodoma Foodways Implementation Phase 1

    2021: International Waste Pickers Day 2021

    2021: Wellness Day 2021

  • 2022

    Jan 09 - Feb 17 2022: Conducting Pro Blue Marine Litter Monitoring with World Bank Group in 13 sites

    Jan 21, 2022: Conduct plastic survey with Green Step Groups (GSG) in Zanzibar

    Jul 24-29, 2022: Plastic Survey Recovery Project with Green Step Groups (GSG) in Zanzibar

    Zero Waste Mode Implementation in Arusha

    April 22, 2022: Single-use plastic Campaign East Africa Community (SUP EAC) cleanup during Earth Day event in Kawe Beach.

    Sept, 2022: Stakeholder Mapping for World Bank Group Project in Bagamoyo

  • 2023


    2023: Global Waste Pickers  Forum Launching 

    2023: Community Service Day in Tanzania 2023

    2023: Zero Waste Academy 2023

  • 2024

    2024: Zero Waste Extension and more.....

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