Plastiki Yako Mazingira Yetu (PYMY)

Plastiki Yako Mazingira Yetu (PYMY)

Plastiki Yako Mazingira Yetu (PYMY)  is a Swahili phrase that translates to "Your Plastic, Our Environment". Started in 2020, Plastiki Yako Mazingira Yetu is a campaign targeting a reduction in the production and consumption of single-use plastic in Tanzania, to address the source of one of the main causes of environmental damage to rivers and to the marine ecosystem. The campaign has brought together hundreds of stakeholders. The PYMY includes community outreach programs, educational campaigns, and advocacy for policies that enable sustainable waste management practices and regulate plastic production and plastic trade.

Key Areas of Focus

Our key area of focus is advocating for the ban on single-use plastics in Tanzania. We believe that banning single-use plastics is a critical step in reducing plastic pollution and promoting sustainable waste management practices like refill and reuse. Single-use plastics, such as plastic bags and straws, are some of the most common items found in landfills and water bodies in Tanzania. 

Our efforts to advocate for the ban of single-use plastics in Tanzania have been supported by the Embassy of France in Tanzania. We are grateful for their support, which allowed us to reach more people and raise awareness.

A plan for increased impact includes data collection on plastic pollution, advocacy on Waste Pickers’ inclusion in waste management streams, advocacy for restrictions on single-use plastic and publishing of reports and materials that support the campaign’s goals.

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