Impactful Data

We harness the power of impactful data collection to drive positive change and revolutionize the fight against pollution.


Marine Litter Monitoring (MLM)

The Marine Litter Monitoring program is designed to monitor the amount and composition of marine litter in Tanzania's coastal and marine environments. Marine litter is a significant problem globally and poses a threat to marine life and the ecosystem.

Waste Assessment and Brand Audits (WABA)

WABA is the best solution to address plastic pollution, by combining people’s power around the world to reveal the companies accountable for their role in manufacturing the plastic crisis and catalyze system change. This is an essential tool to advocate for behavioural, and system changes toward environmental polluters.

World Cleanup Day

World Cleanup Day is the world’s largest one-day civic action engaging more than 191 countries to tackle the global waste crisis.

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